As we start our battle against esophageal cancer, I think we all suffered from a strong feeling of aloneness. Yes, we have our family, but as much as we know they love us, we still can't help feeling that they really don't understand what we are going through. For those of us on the Internet, it was the first place we turned after getting the diagnosis of cancer. It was a very scary place!

     Most of the studies done on esophageal cancer paint an exceedingly grim picture on the statistics for survival. I know that I quickly stopped hunting such information for just that reason. There are several EC support groups available on Facebook. Do a Search on esophageal and you will find them.

    You will see mention of the Atlanta EC Support Group on this page. I am sorry to report the group no longer exists. You might see if any support groups can be found at local hospitals

     I would like to use this section of the Dancing with the Dragon web site to share pictures and stories about our little band. I would also like to use it as an open invitation to anyone in the Atlanta area to please get in touch with us. You are not alone!

In Memory of those who have Gone Before

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