Photography with the C-8


Photography is an area in which I can not be a lot of help. I spent many nights trying my best to approximate the efforts of some of the astrophotographers with no success at all. It's a good thing to learn early that one does not have the patience to sit for hours at a guiding eyepiece just to turn out another out of focus and poorly guided image.

Don't let my failure deter you if you have the urge to capture the beauty of the night time sky. Even though I don't use the stuff, I do have some of the basic photo-accessories as shown below.

On the left you will see a prime focus adapter. This screws onto the back of the C-8 and a t-mount ring (shown in the front) attaches your camera to the scope. In back is a tele-extender used for high magnification photography. It allows an eyepiece to be inserted for eyepiece projection planetary and lunar photography. On the right is another type of tele-extender. The one in the center allows moving the position of the camera in reference to the eyepiece and gives you variable magnification.




Here is the variable tele-extender taken apart and showing the eyepiece. The C-8s' normal visual back is on the left. The eyepiece drops into the visual back and the tele-extender screws onto the threaded part of the back. Your camera and t-mount ring attach to the tele-extender.



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