Parts List


 Populated and tested circuit board with hand paddle  Mel Bartels  Stepper motor control $105.00
 2 NEMA 23 6v .8a 6 wire steppers  Motors $65.00
 6 foot piece ½-13 threaded nylon rod  Ace Hardware(1)  Melding gears for altitude and azimuth $23.00
 3 10oz. Packs of JB Weld Industrial Weld  AutoZone  Gear molding compound $30.00
 2x4 sheet ¾" birch plywood  Home Depot  Altitude Sector $10.00
 Panel mount volt and ammeter to monitor battery status Electronic control system $35.00
 2 aluminum bars 1/16" thick and 1/2" x 72" Ace Hardware Metal covering for altitude bearings $4.00
 4 small bearings(2) Ace Hardware Altitude bearings $5.00
 3 large bearings(2) Ace Hardware Azimuth bearings $4.00
 4'x4' sheet 3/4" Plywood Home Depot Azimuth gear and ground board $17.00
 Project Box, DB9 connectors, wire, misc.. 7 conductor cable solder, connector blocks Radio Shack(3) Electronic assembly and motor connectors. $45.00
 aluminum 72" x 3" x 1/8th Ace Hardware  Motor mount brackets $21.00
 Sheet steel 24" x 24" x 22 ga. Ace Hardware Bottom of rocker box $14.00


(1) Handyman Hardware in Tucker. This is not your usual Ace! Biggest in Atlanta. Unfortunately, as you can see by some of the prices, they have whatever you might need, but they sure don't give it away!

(2) Image of bearing from Mel Bartels' Home page. This is the same type bearing found at Ace. Check in the screen door parts for similar items.

(3) Actually one of the big Radio Shack.Com stores. Used to be Tech America on Buford Highway just outside I285.