November 2001


It has been way too long since I last updated this page! Medically there has not been much going on. No doctor visits until I see the Dr. Yaffe in December and Dr. Moore in January. However, October had both high and low points.

For the highs, Candace and I took our long awaited vacation to Vermont and Canada. We flew in to Hartford, CT. on Saturday, 10/6, rented a car and drove up the Connecticut River valley between New Hampshire and Vermont. The fall foliage was magnificent! The Vermont fall foliage web page suggested that this would one of the best years for colors and it was. We spent the first 2 nights at a wonderful B&B just across the border in Stanstead, Canada. In a farmhouse dating back to 1810, the Lanot family has created a wonderful vacation experience. Michel Lanot was the former executive chef of the Montreal Ritz-Carlton hotel and dinner at the farm is a gastronomical delight.

After our 2 day stay we drove up to the City of Quebec. We had taken a room for 4 nights at Chateau du Pierre in the heart of the old city. It was conveniently located between the Citadel and the Chateau Frontenac. Everything in the old city was a short walk away. We usually finished the evening with a walk on the Governor's Promenade overlooking the St. Lawrence River. After spending a couple days exploring Quebec City itself, we spent a day visiting Montmorency Falls and the big shrine at St. Anne du Beaupre. Both a short drive up the St. Lawrence.

Alas, our trip was cut short when a call from our friend Harry let us know that my father had suffered a major heart attack and died. We drove back to Hartford, returned to Atlanta for a couple days and then drove down to Stuart, Florida - about 575 miles from home.

In Candace's words, Dad was a cardiac event looking for a place to happen. He had an abdominal aorta aneurysm in 1992 and almost died on the operating table. He never quit smoking (probably 60+ years) and it finally caught up with him on October 10th. He felt he was suffering from heartburn most of the 9th and finally went into Martin Memorial Hospital late Tuesday night. At 5AM he had a massive heart attack and nothing could be done. He had made arrangements with the Neptune Society for cremation and scattering his cremains at sea - the same arrangements we made for my Mother last year. I miss them both.


Candace and I were talking about how different this year is than last. At this time last year, I had lost all my hair and sense of taste. We were unsure of what the future held. Now, one year later, I have my hair and taste back and am really looking forward to the future. We still don't know what the future holds, but figure it can't be any worse that this past year. We have started living our lives by still planning for the future, but living for the day. We still make long range plans (which was a major change from a few months ago when planning for next week was more than we could handle!), but live each day as if it were our last. It works for us.

The big news is all the girls will be home for Thanksgiving. Sarah and Robin will be driving in from North Carolina and my daughter, Ginny, will be coming in from University of West Georgia. Sarah and Robin will be bringing their beaus with them and we will have a wonderfully large gathering for Thanksgiving. Last year was a good time with my sister, her hubby and Dad spending the pre-Thanksgiving day weekend here. However, the festivities were overshadowed by the unknown of the cancer. This year - Cancer be Damned! As of my last medical checks, there is No Evidence of Disease and we are going to celebrate that fact. The Greene Family wish all who read these words a most Happy Thanksgiving.


Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was a wonderful time. Had a houseful of young adults staying with us and the house was filled with good people and good conversation. I was very thankful to be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner! Hard to believe that this year is almost gone. Time moved so slowly during the early months and really dragged after surgery, but, now, time is back to flying by.

We are heading up to Columbus, Ohio for Christmas after having to pass up on that trip last year. I'm flying down to Florida on Tuesday for a few days to get some of Dad's stuff packed up in the apartment. We want to have it painted and new carpet laid and need to do some of the work before trying to hire some contractors. Next doctor appointment will be with Dr. Yaffe on 12/3. No films required so it will just be a 3 month checkup. I'll let you know how everything turns out.