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Only Warm Water

Am I to understand that cold water cleans as well and heals as well as warm water?


Warm water cares. Only warm water sooths and penetrates. It’s only warm water that “works” and is there for you. Yes, cold water has it’s place especially when returning from a hot day in the fields or a work out in the gym. Cold water and parched lips go together. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the screeching sound of an old fashion hand pump as it draws ice cold liquid to the surface and into your waiting mouth. Beer also flows into that category.

The warm versus cold dichotomy is something I have thought about for decades but this is the first time I have committed my belief to writing to be subjected to peer review. During my years of investigation, I have shared my personal findings with those in the scientific community. It was my hope that the clinical knowledge of those individuals with degrees bestowed by accredited institutions professing to know the benefits of warm water versus cold, would heartily agree with my conclusions. As is often the case, the esteemed tenets of science take time to embrace the empirical evidence historically known only to the man on the street. Be it heliocentrism or the existence of gravity, these things take time to be accepted and I accept that. At this writing, I am undeterred by the lack of scientific concurrence with my long - held supposition.

It is from my innate human experience that I ask the following questions: Tell me, do you know anyone who looks forward to getting clean by jumping into a bathtub filled with cold water or to cleanse the body under an icy shower or getting caught in a cold drizzly mix of snow and rain? When people fall through the ice on a frozen lake it’s generally called an accident! None of these things are good. Humans do not look forward to these situations. People still travel far and wide for a warm meal, a warm bed and don’t forget warm socks. The only warm thing I can think of that is repulsive is – warm milk. My apologies to all with maternal instincts out there who lose sleep to heat up the product of a cow’s udder for an ailing child.

CONCLUSION: Warm good, cold bad.