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I am aware of one person who rejected all medical treatments and did everything from coffee enemas to the use of a Rife machine. He was unable to eat for most of his post-diagnostic period and actually thought his worsening condition was a sign of the treatments working. After almost two years on his “treatments” he went back to the doctor who diagnosed him. The doctors ordered a CT and reported his body riddled with cancer. After one treatment with radiation he was able to eat for the first time in nearly two years. He died shortly afterwards.

His name was Larry Wayne Grantham, an architect in California, and his history was shared on the old ACOR site.

Over the 20 years since my own diagnosis I have followed the histories of literally thousands of EC patients- mostly on the above mentioned ACOR site. Not one survived without mainstream medical attention.

We are all entitled to follow whatever path we choose, but we also need to go with the odds. There was no guarantee Larry would have survived even with treatment, the 5 year survival rate for his Stage II adenocarcinoma was 30% at the time we were both going through our treatments. He decided to go against the odds and choose a course that had no statistical assurance of even that 30% chance.

As the old saying goes: you pay your money and you make your choice.

Choose wisely!