Dian 11/7/23

Di-An was my home away from home from August 1966 until February 1968.

Air Assault Taking off

Hueys taking off from the landing strip at Di-An.

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Air Strike

We watched the F-4 dropping napalm on the north side of the base. I was in the guard tower at the time while others were standing atop an M88.

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We wern't quite uncivilized. The band was the appropriately named Six Uglies from the Philippines.

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Loading Gun Tubes

155mm tube from a self-propelled gun.

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Motor Pool

Random shots of the 701st Maint Bn motor pool. You can tell which were taken during monsoon season!

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Tech Supply and Picnic

A BBQ at the Tech Supply warehouse. The local women are wearing the traditional au-dai. They were the data base clerks.

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The monsoon approaches!
Me and Robert Andrew Theodore (RAT) Daehnke. Bob and I went through Army computer repair school together. He ended up in Qui nhon as I ended up in NhaTrang. …
Home sweet home until the hooches were build.
Overlooking the company area (Hq/Co A 701st Maint Battalion) after hooches were built.
Garbage collection
A shop van - mobile workshops.
The guard tower on the east perimeter, The tent contains the Electronic Maint. Platoon workshop.
Home sweet home after the hooch replaced the tent,
The POL (petroleum, oil, and lubricants) site along the east gate road. The tents in the background were those of the 701st.
The 5 semi-drivers. I'm the skinny kid in the white t-shirt.
These guys made loading and unloading supply trailers MUCH easier.
Your truly.
Armorer's tent.
Perimeter road on the east side of Di-An.
The shop area of the battalion, We fixed everything from a .45 pistol to 8" howitzers and tanks.
Our fine shower facilities.
An armored personnel carrier. We had one assigned to the company for the Rapid Reaction Force,
The east perimeter guard tower. Spent many nights in there.
A man at his leisure reading the Stars and Stripes newspaper.
Company street during the monsoon season.