Vietnam 11/7/23


The 9th Division was shippted to Vietnam in 1966. They took over our old base in Ben Cat. I was one of the drivers moving them from the ship in Vung Tau to…

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The big air base at Bien Hoa was one of our sites to pick up supplies. It was also the place where 1st Div, troops could visit once a month or so for "rest and…

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Di-An was my home away from home from August 1966 until February 1968.

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Lai Khe was another 1st Inf. Div. base camp. We were driving supplies up there for Operation Cedar Falls. Some of the guys from C Co of the 701st were pulling…

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Long Bien

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When I arrrived in country, it seemed the Army had no idea where they wanted me. I volunteered to get on the next Freedom Bird and fly back to home, but that…

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